About Us

Four to five years ago the domain name relievebussiness.com was acquired by a reader of some of my columns and given to me as my birthday present. For me, it was an utter surprise. Even the reader I didn’t know. I hope we’re meeting one day.

I had to have a forum two years ago by a buddy of mine, Tim Sykes. I didn’t want to have a blog. I had nothing to say. I had nothing to say. Yet I knew I needed to take this blog seriously about six or seven months ago. I tried to delay the About Me shift that wasn’t about me any longer and maybe never.

I did a chapter a few weeks back in the book “The Domino Project” by Seth Godin. Mohit Pawar arranged it (here’s the Mohit blog) and recently sent me some queries. It was supposed to be an interview on his blog, but I’m hoping Mohit would forgive me because I want to use it for my latest “about me.”

  1. You’re a merchant, an investor, a researcher, and a businessman. Which position do you most admire, and why?

Since I first came to NYC in 2019, I decided to be all for all. I’ve been publishing several unfinished novels and short stories six years before that. Hundreds of stories I would have sent out to literature reviewers. I have been rejected by any editor, journal, and agent to whom I have submitted my novels and tales.